Friday, June 26, 2009

is this real or a distraction ?

Is this real or a distraction ?

Living a life with my God's abound blessings.
OMG,I am not thankful to my blessings.

My distractions make me swing from what is real.
The glory of K-2,
The civilizations of Harappa,
The silk route of Khyber Pass,
The salt mine of Khiwara.

You see,I know what is real but here comes my distractions:
Get rich overnight schemes,
Bombardment by advertisements:pretty models as cars,girls,fabrics,stuffs.
Societal pressures,peer pressures to accomplish something,
Do whatever it takes to be there.

I just need a way to keep my focus !
I need to ask :
Is this real or a distraction ?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"this one for you papa"

Today I was stuck in traffic at a cross road.
While sitting there,I saw from my car's rear view mirror;
A car with three children in school uniform sitting on back seat.
The driver was a man with a smile on his face.
But his eyes were back and forth looking at his wrist watch.

While sitting at that cross road,I remembered you papa.
Dropping us to school and getting late for your work.
You always smiled,never complained.
I remember your smiling face papa.

I am grown up now,I am not a kid now.
And it has been a long time that I said this to you.
May be I never told this to you.
I never saw it coming.
And it has been a long time that I said this to you :
"I love you papa".

As I entered Harvard's parking lot,I said.
"I am on the top of the world because of you papa".

Then in my mind this song echoed:
"You raise me high because I was on your shoulders ".

And I felt that my papa was smiling back to me !

Friday, June 19, 2009

"goodbye is temporary"

As time has travelled in moments to turn into years,
The time has finally arrived to say our vows of love with another goodbye.

Goodbye my love !
I will be waiting for you to re-vow for eternity.
You see this time our goodbye is temporary.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"what really matters to you"

"what really matters to you" a writing on the wall.
Mind wanderers,soul searchers,eye openers,
Friends, foes, humans with humane and in-humane traits:
what really matters to you ?

To me, my love for you, really matters to me.
My heart desires are wrapping around you like a rainbow.
My mind energy is unconditionally charging from your touch.
My love, you really matters to me !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"casualties of war"

I saw the movie “casualties of war".
I could not sleep for days.
I was not the victim and I did not do it.
It was horrific to watch, I ask myself what if?
I could not sleep for days.

I wonder: what if I was that ONE soldier.
What if I was that one soldier who did not do it.
What would I had done in the pursuit of saving humanity.
I know what I had done !
I can sleep now ……………………………………………………....

Monday, June 15, 2009

"an action"

Honestly,I don't practice what I preach.
I am just like most of them.

I was taught that each action cause an equal and opposite reaction.
I saw actions causing reactions and that was the beginning of "stress."
So I stopped any actions !

Then I learned that even my non-actions caused reactions in our times.
So I started all actions !

Now I know,if my actions cause actions of balance.
I can prevent giving birth to 'stress' in our times.

Yes, I need to practice;
"An action should cause an action."
"No reaction,No stress."

"it's fresh and refreshing"

I looked up at the stars studded sky and said, ’the universe is my playground’.
Being here is really amazing but what’s out there is really refreshing.
I am here with a Sun, a Moon, a Mars and a Venus.

Being here is with all those talks about Global Warming and Ozone dilemma,
I wonder is it real what they say or just a knowledge of few years.
Being here I wonder how Earth survives those billion years.

Then I wondered what if they find us before we find them in our galactic journey.
What will they say about our Earth?
I hope they say, it’s fresh and refreshing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"never before,never again"

Our Life is a one time live show.
What ever we do, moment after moment,
No script.
No rehearsal.
No fast forward.
No recording.
No replay.
No slow motion.

Life's reward is life itself.
Live life as never before and never again.
A show within a show.................................!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"soul of love"

I saw her slowly loosing herself.
I wanted to save but I saw loosing myself.

We had everything:looks,love and us.
But love was not enough to save those desires of selves.

When the blessing was granted upon us as being together.
We missed our blessing in the struggle to stay together.

The soul of love :"lets love each moment" was missing.
We could not"save the best for the last"............moment !

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"cure brings my death"

So I saw her at the airport after a few years of my "not meant to be" end.

She was with him,the one for whom she left me.

So there were three people related to each other like strangers.
No way to avoid as our flight was the same at least at this time.
I said,hi to them and wanted to leave,
He stopped me and said,"don't leave,she had told me all about you. "
"Nice to meet you."

I said,"nice to meet you both. "

Then he said,"I am a cardiologist, still I cannot cure matter of hearts"
I said,"I am a writer and cure brings my death."