Thursday, February 10, 2011

"miracles do happen"

He had suffered a massive stroke that was the reality and their life froze to a point where nothing was moving.

She sat by his side,everyday,talking to him and reading, though he was unresponsive. A bible by her side, many pages tabbed "so I can go exactly where I want to in a second". The prognosis was grim and she was so calm. Though lying so sick in the bed, a massive stroke having robbed his reason and presence, the aura of the strong and handsome man who was her husband could not be hidden. "He spoke to me today", she said so hopeful. 'Did he really?' we all wondered, medically seeming an impossibility.

So often loved ones see and hear what they want to. 'Maybe', we concluded, because this is what we all wanted to be the truth and, of course; miracles do happen.


lizzie said...

yuppp miracles do happen :) :)

Anna Sergi said...

uhm, sometimes we need the maybe to carry on.

hynz said...

Miracles do happen.. its just hard to follow through and keep the faith alive sometimes..

Anonymous said...

nice thought.