Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"second best thing in life"

She was not young anymore,age always is a relative time-meter anyway.Her problems were different.She had acute and chronic medical issues ranging from respiratory failure with a tracheotomy,a feeding tube,generalized muscle weakness and developmental delay.

She did surprise her medical team by getting better with a speed only she could maintain.Once she came off ventilator,she start talking,a nonstop talk about her fiance,though none existed to our knowledge.

We did not confronted her,no one knew the truth behind her veil of mind.We were just happy for her.Her passion was obvious,she was on a speedy recovery and she was in love.

If our breath is the first best thing in life,some may ask what is the second best thing in life.I say,being in love.

To some,as we know, it may even take a breath away.


Anonymous said...

valentine day is coming soon :)

lizzie said...

sometimes love is the first best thing :)

Calm Cool said...

its the first best... if you could really have it.

deeps said...

we never know...if she s in love, she might even come out of coma!
may be she has to go on a date :)