Friday, September 30, 2011

"wearing nothing but a smile"

Her biggest attribute,according to her family was to wear make up all the times.

She was brought in to hospital with second stroke.Her brain was affected in ways of functioning:communication,perception and control.She was not the same person as she was a week ago.That was the statement by her family.She always wanted to look good.

The days were turning up into weeks.As we were dealing with her on a day to day basis her new attribute appeared as a smiling face.She still looked wonderful wearing nothing but a smile.

After all that happened to her,there she was with a drooling asymmetric face with a smile.

The prognosis was that she will never be the same by the stroke or some may say by the stroke of her luck. She may never need a mirror.

I wondered as whether that was an irony or natures balancing act,by taking away something in pairs and giving back in singles.


Mishi said...

hmmmm your reads always leave me sad..I already was down today...I wonder how much more is left of your write what you see, feel and deal with on your daily basis..Nice read Danish..
and I wish we could have the same spirit like her's in time of was amazing to know this Brave woman..thank you for sharing this:-)

The Tame Lion said...

Touched my heart!

R. Ramesh said...

touching yes..

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

Touched me to the core<3. I never seen her, but even with your words, I feel her beauty shining through. Wow, what a beautiful smile. Amazing post.