Saturday, October 15, 2011

"love is too big to fail"

She was twenty five years young with a progressive neuromuscular disease,bed bound on artificial means of survival.I was told she like to watch television.

I saw she was living a life with her eyes staring at the television screen.
I saw dreams of some other day in the eyes of those who loved her and professionals who provided care.

I saw her world was confined with her limitations of body,mind and survival needs.
I also saw expansion of others world in love,compassion and acceptance.

Our lives on the planet earth sometimes take us to distenations of extreme compromise to raise us to the final gates of infinite humanity.The common destiny of us all beyond what we have taught of otherwise.

As I took care of her,I saw her family's involvement in those having similar condition.That was their life mission to stay together as a family to be there as life goes on.

"No questions asked,you can come back to your family anytime as together we stand",I was told.

I saw what I heard before,love is too big to fail.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes having a sick family member is more complicated than just love !!