Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"life offer choices and chances"

He was admitted after suffering a heart attack then having a pneumonia.While he was recovering from a failing heart,he told me that his wife died after a protracted illness while he was in hospital.He regretted that he was not there when she had her last services.I saw tears in his eyes as he showed me his broken heart.

He was talking about his love,how he missed her,why that happened to him.He cried for his unsaid goodbyes.

He said,If only if he had a choice,he had taken that.But he had none as he was told then that his chance of surviving that heart attack was dismal.

Now he was alive,recovering and soon to be discharged home.

Life offer choices and chances in its majestic scheme of events.Lucky are those who have choices in life.Some may say that luck is a matter of chance not ones choice.

To some his survival from a massive heart attack was a celebration of luck,a matter of chance in hundreds.To others,his life here after will be a matter of choice he has to make,an opportunity he got by chance.


Mishi said...

yes those who get choices in life are lucky indeed..not everyone is given much choices..and there are very few who could do choose a right one!

Americanising Desi said...

choices are only visible to those who actually keep an eye for it - others just whine away lockin emselves up in their own mind cages!

sunny said...

Hi nice post,hope you will visit my blog too

crayzys said...

Your title, Choices and Chances, makes me think. about the relationship between Choice and Chance. It is like the Chicken and the Egg dilemma--Which came first?

Without the egg there is no chicken. Without the chicken there is no egg.

A roll of the dice or Higher Power?

The age-old dilemma of ascribing meaning to make sense out of chaos or miracles.

Actually your writing reminds me of the legendary Greek fable writer, Aesop.