Thursday, October 27, 2011

"a fallen Christmas tree on a side walk"

We are almost there, Thanksgiving is coming soon and then the festive commercial holiday season of Christmas. I was talking to him about future, hope and living for another day to have one more day to live..

He was depressed as being the youngest in his family of six siblings, he was the only one alive. He was well accomplished in his life and now at the cross road of time, he was alone. He told me,he never found time to get marry and have a family. His life was always on the go to end up like this, he said with sadness.

Then he asked me, have I ever seen a Christmas tree after Christmas day on a side walk to be picked up. People discard those festive trees after giving life with decorative ornaments,lights and laughs. He told me that he felt like that tree on the side walk of life.

He died in the winter of that year surrounded by his doctor and nurses.

As another Christmas season is in air it will remind me about him when I will see a fallen Christmas tree on a side walk.

But I also want to remember that when trees surrender leaves in winter,they regain it in spring,that is the cycle of life.


Madhulika said...

Its so true... we give so much importance to things that latter means nothing to us.... :(
I know I am being very negative right now but so is with us... there are so many people who comes in our life, loves us and makes us feel important.. but the very next moment they leave us and refuse to takes any heeds...
Life is really not a bed of roses...

Mishi said...

I wish we could Value Life and People around us right on time!

Asma Khan said...

Hmmm living for others is a true sprite of life, but neglecting own rights is not fair... :)
We have to value our own life and it's needs, tehn others feel our value.

Thanks for dropping by at my blog... :)

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Tariq Mian said...

Reminder is pretty natural.
Yes, it is very touching moment for it reminds "last year with that gentleman" who is gone.

Well-- what can we do to stop the running time leaving the memories behind?

BTW: Charismas is so commercialised, they love to cut trees to sell and then throw away as a waste.
What a wastage of resources?

Mr DAANISH! what happened to your visiting of my latest post?

Sadaf Hafeez said...

Hmm...sadness...sadness everywhere! Why do life has to end in sadness...where would we end up if Religion doesn't give meaning to our life.

Beautifully expressed post !

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