Monday, November 28, 2011

"building a castle on soft sand"

I spoke with her family,she was not getting better.They were accepting the fact that their mom will die at some point in her hospital stay.

In the coming days she started to show some signs of stability but her prognosis remain poor.Her kidneys were failing with minimal output,lungs were venting on borrowed breaths.Though she appeared comfortable and lively.

The same family who once accepted the fact of life then start building a castle on soft sand.I saw a yawning of hope in the march of death.

This is life we all struggle to live,I heard from a colleague.

To some it is easy to see what is so obviously there and coming,that's the job of professionals.

Others who watch a slow death of a loved one live and die daily while waiting for the ultimate to flatten their castle on soft sand.

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Sonnet of a Spirit said...

May Allah guide her soul, and may she leave peacufully, inshallah. I really need to love life more, and be greateful for my health. Well said.