Saturday, November 5, 2011

"to step on magic carpet with anticipation"

Sometimes I struggle between what I want and what I get.I guess we all do struggle this way all our lives.

The other day there was a case of a young woman with a neuromuscular disease that had progressed to respiratory failure and dependence on ventilator.I wanted her to get better,come off ventilator,eat as she used to a few months ago.I was wishful and I had struggles.My conflict of mind and heart knocking on doors of my soul.I asked for be guided and I was lead to do my best.

Another case of an older man with end stage emphysema on high flow oxygen depriving him from eating,sleeping,talking.He was afraid of dying as if he ever fall asleep.He appeared to me like a warrior dying of his own fear of enemy.I wanted him to come out of his fear and breath life.I was wishful and I had struggles,conflict of mind and heart knocking on doors of my soul.I asked for be guided and I was lead to do my best.

We all do have our magic movements in our lives,you may see in the eyes of a lover or in the heart of a seeker.The mystery of universe revolves only if we keep asking and searching,the mystery resolve once we become part of it.

To some magic carpet and magic moments happen only in stories.
To others,magic happen on demand,they only have to do is to step on magic carpet with anticipation,"ask and you shall receive".

So I stood on my prayer rug then knelled and bowed my head asking for guidance in anticipation,"ask and you shall receive".


sunny said...

nice work

sunny said...

nice work

Mishi said...

yes asking does work..and brave are those who understand the wisdom of not being awarded with your wish..there is something better stored for you then.

Mishi said...

and Eid Mubarak Danish:-)

MEER said...

This is so beautifully expressed. being doctors we are lucky that we find our magic moments ever so often and we connect with human souls and God so frequently.

R. Ramesh said...

ya as everyone said nice work yar

Sadaf Hafeez said...

What a beautiful analogy you've made...praying mat to a magical carpet ! It so good to know doctors taking out time share their moments of inspiration...its something that doctors come across more often than other professionals.Your post remind me of an excerpt from Paulo's book.

“Every day, God gives us the sun–and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy.
“Every day, we try to pretend that we haven’t perceived that moment, that it doesn’t exist–that today is the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow.
But if people really pay attention to their everyday lives, they will discover that magic moment.

It may arrive in the instant when we are doing something mundane, like putting our front-door key in the lock.
It may lie hidden in the quiet that follows the lunch hour or in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us.
But that moment exists–a moment when all the power of the stars becomes a part of us and enables us to perform miracles.”
In “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept”

Sonnet of a Spirit said...


Simply, wow. Your words make the green monster within me come out. MANSHALLAH. May Allah bless you, and guide you, inshallah. And when you find the answer on how to balance between what you want and what you get; don't forget to give me the code cure:P

Beautiful post, manshallah. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. And pray away......