Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"buying hope in a black market"

She told me that she is not going to give up. She was suffering from metastatic breast cancer and she was struggling to make it to the next day alive. She was putting out what ever was left in her: courage, hope and wish.

I was amazed by the expression on her face as I saw her each passing day. She had one of those smiles where you can not hide the pain spilling out from the edges of her smile. I called it a paradox, like a truth which cannot be a fact.

One day she asked me about her prognosis; what's next, that was her question. I knew her by then; a fighter to the core. I asked her whether she wanted to know the truth or should I lie. I saw a look on her face I will never forget. I wished, if I had any power I would have given her good news. I even thought  about buying hope in a black market.

To some giving up is giving in like losing a battle. Others give in in a battle to take over a war.

In the end, only the directions of our foot steps on a battle field or in life count; winners and losers in life all equal out when we understand that nothing lasts for ever except the ways of the warriors and their legends of facing life.


ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum thanks for sharing have you heard, Driving with eyes closed.

Hilary said...

It must be almost as difficult to give that prognosis as it is to hear it. Well expressed.

Joy said...

We so often hear heart-wrenching stories of unfortunate souls coping with terrible medical conditions, but so little about how it feels to be a Doctor witnessing and managing it all. Thanks for such a moving account of one such experience, and for providing a window into that world.

Sumaiya Hasan said...

Actually I know someone who is suffering from cancer...thats what made me comment on this post of yours..its very difficult for these patients to fight against this disease..they know they are being eaten by this moth of cancer but still they cant do anything except just accepting the fact that this is now a part of them..they are neither living nor dead!