Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"what life destroys, love resurrects"

He had an aortic aneurysm rupture and he was saved after going through a life saving surgery. As his condition improved, he became more interactive. 

During his prolonged hospital stay we started to know him apart from his illness. We came to know that he was a man who had been through a lot. His life stories became our life connections.

I think the stories of our lives are the most sacred human link; whether a connection or communication between man to man or God to man, as shown in many books of man and Books of God.

To some, human stories are interesting as we share, finding ourselves as being one of the characters in others stories. A connection or bond of victims or victors made via story telling, and in the process of sharing stories, we learn something useful such as to live on in another story to be told. 

What life destroys, love resurrects; that was the story of a man who survived a surgery.


Mishi said...

everyone has stories..some voice them..some take these with them and nobody every finds out..
btw Hello Doctor sab:-)

Joy said...

So touching and beautifully expressed. Love destroys the negative and brings forth creation ;)

Jean said...

Story telling flips life on its edge giving us a new viewpoint. Each of these viewpoints build up the layers that compose our life story.

Depending on how others see our different views of our compiled stories of our life, some stories are not seen while other stories keep being resurrected.

From your stories I see your viewpoint of how much you love life and all people.