Wednesday, May 15, 2013

" love your cat"

She was struggling while lying in her bed. Lights were off in that hospital's private room but the lights of passing by automobiles were creating abstract shadows on the walls and roof of her room. The shadows were expanding and shrinking in different dimensions. She was watching those shadows as someone had put her thoughts on display via a projector on those walls.

Those shadows were representing her state of mind; thoughts not clear but were there, real and abstract with unknown meanings.

She was trying to make a decision about her sick dying cat. Her feelings were simple; she loved her cat. To her that decision was more challenging than her own health care decision she made a few days ago. She made a decision that she will go for surgery while accepting the risks to gain a benefit of uncertainty.

To some, life revolves around caring and giving, and their connection to life is the most sacred one. They honor all life forms whether a dying animal or a living human. They just care for all.

Others,  struggle to honor a life as it comes in different forms. They even struggle to accept the equality of their own life with others. The struggle goes on while peace prevails with scare of impending war. The mind is a terrible battle field to fight a war, a lot of people know but few understand.


Jean said...

Equality of life. Impending war. Few understand. Serious thoughts. Thank you for your insight. You care for all.

Nancy Claeys said...

Peace. Thank you for visiting today. xo

Carol L McKenna said...

Very meaningful post ~ and agree ~ Now ~ the moment, life is the gift ~ Honor it ~ all life! ~ namaste,
thanks for visiting.

K.B. said...

It is nature of human being to love and to be loved to care and to be cared no discrimination living or something lifeless love and affection is there even on dying bead. It is a greatness of the cool mind thoughtfulness time and again reminds us human values and it's attachments.