Tuesday, July 23, 2013

" killing oneself "

She did it again as she did it before, and before that. This time she had almost succeeded, but we were there and she was rescued.

This time, saving her was not the same. She was not happy as she was unsuccessful in her attempt and we the health providers as a team were not happy, as we failed to stop what was happening.

Being suicidal is not easy, it may be  a desire to do something to escape from oneself. It may seem as a goal oriented task but the fact is that being suicidal is just way to a means. I wonder how much distraction, pain, fantasy and unknown there is to motivate someone to take their own life.Then, there is a religious paradigm of eternal condemnation of disrespecting the gift of life and our mortal struggle of mental health diseases.

Only questions and questions in search of some answers, like in a locked suicidal prevention unit to save one's life or wishful thinking of beaming in the life force in those poor souls to appreciate the gift of life.


Mike said...

We all have needed a dose of the Life Force now and then. Those who attempt suicide are chained to the souls of a million other travelers who will never find what they are looking for---silence.

Tariq.Mian said...

people who end up in the dead end street with no hope left usually tend to end their life. But some fortunate ones are rescued just in time while some have gift of life due to religious beliefs.

K.B. said...

When inerthought captured one 's soul there is no way out expect the people around. This is a good reminder we all are responsible to push the innocent soul for self sacrifice. Dear and near should be careful, others are only available for sorry sayings.

Jean said...

Thank you for the reminder of how living is a choice, a life force, as you say. The disease of mental illness produces so much suffering that choosing life appears as choosing suffering.

Tariq.Mian said...

eid mubarak janab!