Tuesday, July 23, 2013

" living dangerously "

Riding a motorcycle was his passion since his childhood but the trouble was that he was not a child anymore. I met him after his accident when he was wrapped up in bandages to  keep his body parts intact and aligned by the modern day orthopedics techniques.

I was curios about him since he had a hobby that cost him where he was then; lying in a hospital bed with unknown and unpredictable recovery.

As he improve over days and got ready to participate in therapy I asked him; how come now, what can be done at a younger age. I meant his lifestyle of a bike rider with acrobatic theme of living dangerously.

He just smiled and I smiled back at him.

To some, living a life dangerously is just a figure of speech. They are the ones who live in passion, a life to enjoy and a moment to live, as it brings no harm to others.They teach us that every breath in this world is burdened by sharing of life together unknown to many.We share our breath with all who are around us; to breath in and out Wi Fi oxygen we call it, air. They believe that our breath and our air in which we all breath, is the final equalizer.

Others, attempt to live dangerously by compromising others life. They want to gain and have it all for themselves.This may be in the name of fun or peace.The sad reality is that we still cannot recycle a human body completely. We can all  break and crack like he did.The truth is that our body can heal slowing but it can never be the same or as good as new.

The bottom line is that with all the happenings to us in this life, some learn and some will be taught again in the circle of life.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts :)


K.B. said...

living dangerously in fact bad things like bad habits which are deeply rooted since childhood with out check by the seniors make them fatal and dangerous for life. This is worth realization for safety and security of dear ones. I appreciate the opportunity DANISH expressed with pain to take responsibility to warn the people for wakeup to save their own roots.