Sunday, September 29, 2013

" broken legacy"

She was suffering from heart failure, infections, renal insufficiency and anemia on top of her failure to thrive. A ventilator was delivering oxygen to her mind and body.

As time was turning its wheel in slow motion one day at a time, we were losing her.

The problem was that she had no documented end of life wish, and her family wants to keep her alive no matter what because she was a fighter once upon a time.

Then one night things happened as it happen in hospitals, she lost her pulse and she was resuscitated in vain. She died.

To some, end of life decisions are easy and considered as a favor to those left behind. That is like really dying in peace as most of us strive for all of our lives.

Others, miss the boat of making decision on time and end up sick and incapacitated to speak for themselves. They end up even with broken ribs with a life saving resuscitation. Its sad and like dying after all with a broken legacy besides a broken promise.


Anonymous said...

simple but powerful truth.

KB said...

Yes quite true and powerful truth with heart hitting provocation. Having all sort of help and advice how one and all find them selves helpless.

Jean said...

Broken legacy. Broken Ribs.

Once was a fighter. The referee in a fight sometimes has to call the fight. But in a hospital the doctors call it.