Tuesday, November 12, 2013

" shalom"

He was a well established name while he was alive and no one knew his worth upon his death.
No, he was not an elephant.

I took care of him as he was admitted with a dying liver due to his self inflicted harms to his beloved liver with alcoholism. The logic of forbidding intoxication clearly understandable in his context. He had every thing at one point in his life until the other point arrived. He destroyed what he thought he had established until we met in a hospital room.

His condition deteriorated with liver failure and his appearance rose to the ultimate tanned body one can imagine. He was severely jaundiced. He then died.

To some, life is unfair and full of struggles until they come face to face with the dying reality of death. They may even die struggling - fighting for a life they may have no more.

Other wonder about struggles of living without worrying about death and dying. They know that the key is to live life in a dying way such as there is no struggles for tomorrow to joy or mourn.

They surrender to life and consider death as an extension of life. They respect moments of life as the time will pass until we meet again. They know the exercise; lets not struggle and be in peace - shalom.


Tariq.MJ said...

I am glad to see you around, Daanish!
Thanks for sharing your creativity with your audience.

K.B. said...

I am convinced ,nature plays its decided roll, subject, it's definer, resultant and lastly awareness if one could realize the fate, abnormality, too much luxury, carefree from all, good and bad, healthy and unhealthy angles of all activities of the most important, delicacies of God Gift the precious LIFE. Danish rightly deserves appreciation, .How he defined the subject, the dying one. This is worth realization and heart touching AWARENESS.

Jackson Chronicles said...

Thank you for reminding me that death is another facet of life. Our higher power provides enlightenment when we are open and aware of the present moment. As always, your thoughts provoke more thoughts...

Like you say: They know that the key is to live life in a dying way such as there is no struggles for tomorrow to joy or morn.