Tuesday, March 6, 2012

" love of distant lands"

He was brought in via med flight after being found stranded in a remote area for days. He was hypothermic, septic and struggling to hold on to life.  His condition stabilized over the next few days, as he started to respond to treatment and gradually became more responsive.

I still remember the first words out of his mouth. It was the name of a place I later found out was his home town, which he had never returned to after leaving almost half a century ago.

Life's journey makes all of us time travelers, though some of us travel  to the distant places of our dreams to make a life far away from where we once belonged.

To some life goes on regardless of living here or there, where one is now, that is the place to call home.

They are the ones who remember the saying " for every time zone that we are in, other than here, we drain our life energy".*

Others keep the love of a distant land hidden deep down while living in two worlds. They are the ones who never totally accept either of those worlds, until one day they find themselves connected to their roots.

I felt a yearning of love for distant lands when he uttered his first words.

* a Caroline Myss quote.


Anonymous said...

a story of first generation immigrants,simple and lovely :)

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

This story touched me to the core! Thank you soo much for sharing it with us. Beautiful post, Daanish.

PS: Daanish, do you work at the hospital?