Friday, March 9, 2012

“the wars of heart, mind and gut”

Though he looked like a story teller, he was a veteran with amazing stories of battlefields.

He had lost parts of his body during wartime. He was suffering from non-healing wounds
which were old wounds but, in his words, old wounds with new pains.

One day I asked him about his lessons from the battlefield and how he felt being a warrior. I saw a sharp glow of valor in his eyes as he said, no one likes war; we all have conflicts of ideas and needs. Creating a rationale, that’s the nature of ourselves. The best part of war is its end, the best stories are the survival stories and the best attribute is to keep humanity in acts of war.

To some, the lessons of the wars of heart, mind and gut are a source of daily strength as wisdom at a run.

Others keep their swords out to fight with their backs against the wall defending the unknown.


deeps said...

that has poetic touch too

Jean said...

Yes. Many Different Warriors. Very provoking for the mind and heart and esp. loved ones of warriors.

Your conciseness astounds with every reread!

Shazia said...

Love this line: "To some, lessons of wars of heart, mind and gut are a source of daily strength as wisdom at run."

This is so poetic! A very deep thought indeed.

mBraining said...

Yes, heart brain, gut brain, head brain, all with intelligence... wisdom comes when each brain is aligned together through highest expressions: Compassion, Creativity and Courage

The lessons of life, the lessons of wars, the lessons of strength and wisdom, all gained through deep alignment of our multiple brains - mBraining