Sunday, August 18, 2013

" the power of God "

She was young and dying young is not easy, one of our team member uttered, rightly so that was difficult for all of us.

She was suffering from the multi-organ system failure and the overall prognosis was poor. The medical team caring for her had their struggles; to sustain a dying body by artificial means.

As her family was grieving for the impending loss of a loved one, I was asked to clarify whether she can hear them while she was so sick at her death bed.

I struggled to answer. I was not sure what to tell her family. The patient may or may not be hearing them, only God knows that.In my silent moments I have learned that what you can't hear, you may feel that. The language of words is the voice, that needs a medium, a receptor and a processor but the language of feeling is a simple touch. A touch which can raise up life from the dead, and heal the leper.

I told them that they can hold her and tell her everything they want to share. They looked at me with a gratitude, and I struggled to hide a renegade tear from the corner of my eye as I told them also that only God knows the truth.

To some the power of God is in His creations and manifestations. Others amazed by the Almighty and praise Him knowingly that He is the One who has the power to control the nature of be and it is.


K.B. said...

Quote I struggled to hide a rengate tear from the corner of my eye unquote tells every thing what even a team of professionals doctors, sobbing praying dear ones, or the sincere well wishers all are helpless. Then one and only one that is last and final that makes everyone Contented that is Hope to see good news from the almighty God most kind and merciful and gracious. We should have firm faith.

Shazia said...

Our words, the tone in which they are uttered have immense powers. I have seen videos of experiments done on plants and seeds, to which harsh and soft tones were uttered and the results were astonishing. Those subjects that were exposed to loving tones/words flourished while the others did not!
So I believe, we are surrounded by various types of energies, known and unknown, which can work wonders...we must try to emit the positive ones from within.