Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"from totally incapacitated to fully in control"

She had been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease which was progressive and effecting her body and soul.She was physically limited and spiritually exhausted.She was tired,she was fearful.Everyday she needed to be reassured.Many times a day she needed to be reminded that God was with her.

The hospital days for her become longer and longer as she was losing her physical strength.Surprisingly the strength in her right hand remain as strong as it was at beginning.She was able to write though she was not able to talk due to her progressive weakness.

Her writings were clearly one of her signature style.There was fear, hope, memory, gratitude. Finally the day came when her hand,the only strong part of her body,gave up on her.That was the day we all felt as though we all became paralysed.We were numb,it felt like we all had a cut that just won't bleed.

Her final communication was a drop of tear as it rolled down from her right eye.We knew that was all she wanted to tell us,we knew there was fear,hope,memory,gratitude.

To some,losing physically is like losing all battles.For others,losing physically is the beginning of a next stage of journey,from totally incapacitated to fully in control.

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