Thursday, December 30, 2010

"it has legs"

Life has given him real chances to live,as we saw him recovering after getting a kidney transplant.The hardest part though was to look at him.A man who was lying there cut short knees down.A serious consequence of his illnesses.

He was suffering from heart,vascular and renal failures.His blood vessels were totally incapacitated,so much so that it was hard to find a vein and artery to put a dialysis catheter to keep him alive,so he got a new kidney.

As he was getting better and moving on in his life's experiences I saw foot steps of a kind gentle soul.He left giant steps of appreciation,gratitude and love to all.I was glad that his soul was with strong footings and it has legs.

To some,limitations of their bodies dwarf their existence in life while others make their bodies a form of reference so we mortals can see beyond.


Naina said...


Naina :)

Anonymous said...


Hmm. Interesting blog you got. Somehow I can relate to this post of yours.

Calm Cool said...

ur writings are getting very depressing. i am getting scared of hospitals dear doc :(