Friday, April 15, 2011

"cactus in paradise"

From the time he was diagnosed,he never felt well.Every day was a struggle.

He was a naval personnel whose life was marred with exposure to asbestos.He developed mesothelioma as a consequence.The invasion of tumor progressed like a conquering army destroying every fiber of his being in its way.

One day during examination, I noticed his chest with a growth which eventually became something like a cactus.I saw that with open eyes,though I wanted to close them.

He did not suffered much as he died soon.I think back with a feeling of sadness.

How our experiences in life affect our psyche so much so that I prayed for his moving on in peace.I did struggle for that prayer.

I hope may there be no cactus in paradise.

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Thinking said...

hmm....and I pray with you...Ameen.