Sunday, April 10, 2011

"nature groom's us to grow up and grow out"

The purpose of life is to live with experiences.Some may say that life is a live in experience.Nature does groom us to grow up and grow out.The struggles of life brings questions like why good things happen to bad people and why bad things happen to good people.Why young die and old live,the disasters of wars, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes,famine.While lives of thousands change forever,lives of billions remain unchanged.There are joys,sorrows,issues of global warming, corruption,job security, traffic jams,births,marriage,divorce,disease.Every one live in experiences,some may say that we live in a recycle of experiences.

He was young and he wanted to be a basket ball star.All his heroes were game players.When I met him,we develop instant connection.He talked about every single game,he did not miss a single game.He told me that he was pretty fast in court.I saw his college video I agreed, man he was electric.

He was admitted to hospital after a gun shot.The bullet lodged at his spine.He survived but became paralysed waist down.He will never walk again.He told me once that life has played game with him.

Over years I saw him growing up and growing out.He got involved in life,with life,for life.He enjoyed game and talking about it.I wondered how person of his age got wisdom of ages for survival.He made us look tall,while he remained bed bound.

To some,when life experiences bring a challenge of survival they take it with a choice.Nature then groom them to grow up and grow out.Others struggle in their lives to experience more until they become ready.



hhmmmmm... very true, and this is how life is all about, it can never be as we expect it to we must take it gracefully as it comes n when it comes and that is what ur young friend have done.

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Thinking said...

hmm...yes...very true