Saturday, April 9, 2011

"readiness to accept"

He was in hospital for almost a year,before that he was still ill.

When I met him ,he was a nonverbal,emaciated,contracted man.Only way to know about his ways of life was through his involved wife. She claimed that he was a good man.

I know that bad things can happen to good men and I know that there is a reason behind this,though our capacity to reason has its own limitations.Over all he was a good man stuck in a body with a stroke of fate.

Over time of his illness,his lungs start to failing then he became dependent on a ventilator.He got pneumonia,and develop sepsis.A decision was made to keep him comfortable via opiates and anxiolytics.We all were ready to accept the ultimate outcome,day after day,as those pass by in moments of anguish and struggle between life and death,we saw a life which does not want to leave a body.

He got better !!

His wife had tears of joy,she said,he always does this to her.Lord has answered her payers.she was ready for that for years.

I wonder,how much our readiness is enough to accept situations as they are,without a tear,without questioning and without doubting ourselves.

To some, they find readiness to accept with ultimate demise of hope in time.Others find their way to cope,as being human,in prayers.


Thinking said...

hmm....every human must face death one day but our loved ones never be ready to part with us....

Nice post !

Anonymous said...

very interesting !

Sadaf Hafeez said...

"Only way to know about his ways of life was his involved wife"

What !

We're learning to maintain a professional distance and here I sit reading blogs by a doctor who makes a special point to explore the stories of his patients! Interesting...