Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"he was stuck in present"

There was no one out there to take care of him,I was told that he was hospitalized for years.His medical conditions warranted a level of care which could only be provided in a hospital setting.I saw him day in day out,starring at roof,drooling,connected to oxygen,feed by tube.That was his life.No word,no past,no future.He was stuck in present.

Sometimes It takes a life to give a life.In that situation,It felt like all that was taking life out of life.

The sad part was that he looked to me as being suffering without knowing.I knew that he had dementia.That not knowing was his blessing,I did not agreed.I felt his pain of not knowing.

I wonder what ones suffering does to other being may be the truest life lesson we are supposed to learn.
In our knowing and feeling of others suffering,the notion may not be to get down but to rise and stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.
The weakest stand up may be feeling sad for a sufferer but the highest calling can be holding hands and pulling up the fallen ones.

I stood up for him as I remembered that humanity is our common destiny.


Anonymous said...

very interesting !

Thinking said...

hmm...."humanity is our common destiny"....very true...

I really learn alot from your posts...good work !

Paradigm House said...

I can so relate to your post...I have been through such a situation...2 months, with my mother in the hospital ICU! Brings back painful memories...but those two months were a life changing, learning experience.

Your posts are stright from your heart! Very well written :)

- Shazia