Friday, July 22, 2011

"beyond self righteousness"

I knew her since we joined our residency program,she was different from other residents.She was upfront,talkative and had a habit of smoking.

Now she was there with a terminal lung cancer.I was sitting next to her bed,her husband was sitting next to her.We were talking about memories of old good times.

I think this is the way people talk when they are going through bad times.All we did was talking and talked about those times when nothing was impossible,death and disease was not a possibility.Certainly not for us.

She told me about many things including how firm she was with patients who use to smoke.How much she struggled to quit smoking,and how she felt when she tried to convince patients to quit when she herself was struggling with it.She finally did.

To some,she was a hypocrite.To others,her act to save others with the same poison which was killing her was beyond self righteousness.

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Anonymous said...

smoking is poison,only humans do self poisoning :(