Saturday, July 2, 2011

"no wi fi required"

We all age with time.Our timing measure success,luck,rise or fall,you name it.I was talking to a grieving widow.She was in her sixties and whose husband passed away recently.The multitude of medical issues made it clear to us that it will take time to heal wounds inflicted by time and disease.
Her wounds included those of mind,soul,feelings and loss.

I was ill,when he died,I was in hospital.She told us when we had our ward rounds.
I don't know what happened to him,I was not there for him.I miss him so much. She said with tears rolling down on her face.

I looked at her and held her hand,during that moment I wanted to be honest and compassionate,not always an easy one.
I said,I am sorry for your loss,he is not in this world but what can we do to make this world as beautiful as your love for your late husband.

She looked at me,and said,Have you had lost a loved one.

As I looked at her eyes,she saw my teary eyes.She smiled,"I am a teacher with two masters degrees,I know all".

To some personal stories need a paper,pen and audience,others tell stories in tears with eye to eye contact as no wi fi required.


Mishi said...


my mother stayed with her father for like 10 days as he was on his death-bed...then she had to come back home..while she was in her way home last night , my grandfather passed away,,she had all the pain in the world in her eyes..for not being there with him at the last moment ..he must have missed I know what it is about...

yes some storied dont need pen pencil or audience to be narrated ..they just pass like look in the eyes and you recognize the share it without even talking about surely dont need a wi fi for that..its about pain to pain..

Anonymous said...

interesting title.