Monday, July 18, 2011

"self controlled experiences"

He had been in and out of hospital so many times that we all lost the count.Every time he went home he was back in hospital with something new.

He had real issues of heart and lung diseases,and he was told about being on a bonus life many years ago by his doctors.

As I knew him over his stay in hospital,I felt for him.His desires were simple like get better,go home,take care of his bills and house.The problem was his lack of understanding of his life reserves.His lungs,heart,kidneys and joints were not the same as before.

One day he told me that he want to do things in life just make him better.

To some their self controlled experiences of living a life make them miss the living with limitations and adjustments.Others do necessary adjustments to live with diseases as a part of human experience.

I found life's self controlled experiences are life limiting.Those struggle of living,as we know, takes away life from living and who wants to live a dead life.


Anonymous said...

how one can control his or her life experience?

Is it possible ?

May be,may be not.

eva626 said...

do you always write such serious post??

Daanish said...


I guess sometime,I do.