Saturday, July 23, 2011

"what is worse than pain"

Pain scares everyone but she was not one of those scared by pain.I had seen that.She had gone through many procedures for large open draining wounds but pain had not touched her as it did to us by just looking at her wounds.We always wondered why she was not in pain,and the best part of us always cried,she should be in pain.

One day as we did her wound care,she looked uncomfortable making noises.I asked her about pain on the scale of one to ten.She looked at me and said,pain is bearable but what I have is worst than pain,I am extremely nauseous.

To some,the notion of no gain without pain do not go too far.They may need to have luck on their side to have it all.

To others,what is worse than pain,it may be nausea.


Mishi said...

ahhh what an expression!
whenever I go through your reads.,one sentence strikes ma mind and that is "MUKH-TA-SIR MAGUR JAMEAY"!!

I wonder how can some one be THAT strong against pain!! its all about self-control i guess or the way we look up to things..dont know..cant find the answer !

Kiran Ashraf said...

i have passed on my award to you. go check it out on my blog:)

eva626 said...

this was great!!! i never thought to look at 'pain' in such a way.

TARIQ MIAN said...

conrolling anger is worst than pain.

Anonymous said...

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