Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"he was looking at me"

He was young and maintained to be alive by artificial means with a breath and a pulse.The rise of medical enterprise has made this possible.We thrive to keep pushing an earthly body till it get totally disintegrated either by dysfunction of organs and implanted devices or invasion by organisms.

He was brought in after a tragic accident from which he suffered multiple injuries. He was wrapped in bandages from head to legs with open areas at his eyes,mouth and neck.His wide open eyes were staring straight like looking at you.He was looking,each member of his family was convinced about that.

Sadly that was not the case.We tried to explain but it was hard for them to bear the burden of unwanted truth.He was brain dead that was the reality.

To some he was looking at them and what he was seeing,no one knew.It was like looking in dark,to see only dark.
To others he was seeing.That was their own self-limiting sight which made them blind of a reality they don't want to see.

As I saw him looking at me,I said hello,I will take care of you.I knew he can't see but I did it as a respect to his looking.


Sonnet of a Spirit said...

To live in your own world, and to only see what you want to see is sometimes easier. But what about those who don't have a choice in the matter? Respect is highly desired for these people; I don't know how to explain it deeply, but respect is needed nevertheless.

Sad, but very well written post, manshallah.

Jean said...

to Sonnet of a Spirit: Such kind words... Respect is needed nevertheless.

Often in the street our respect is shown to those who need honor of their spirit whatever the state.

May the blessing be upon you both.