Saturday, December 3, 2011

"if i only"

She was suffering from emphysema that had gone from bad to worse.Smoking cigarette was her thing,no quiting as we talked.

Her lungs were failing to exhale carbon dioxide which lead her to hospitalized.

As she started to get better and ready to be discharged,the importance of smoking cessation was reiterated.I saw a smile on her face,one of those when you think to have a winning argument,and she said,I may still get sick even if I don't smoke because of emphysema.The answer was yes.

She looked triumphed.

Then I smiled,it was a sober moment as I told her,"you will be the only person then to feel bad about yourself lying in a hospital bed telling yourself if I only had not smoked I may have better chances".

There was no wining as she looked sad.I hoped a message sink in before it get too late.

In life there are no guarantees as we have sayings like bad things happen to good people.The one thing make good people good is they have done the right thing when they are required.When bad things happen at least they are not to blame themselves.they don't have to fight if I only thoughts.

In grand scheme of things that is the strongest ally one can have.That is not to fight against oneself.


Sonnet of a Spirit said...

Your strongest weapon is words, manshallah. Touching post, and the message sunk in with me.

Mishi said...

hmmm you made a point here like always!:-)

tariq mian said...

The lady' short-lived relief got ruined as nothing is guaranteed.
Sometimes a transparent medical evaluation kills hope of the patient thereby minimising chances of lasting recovery.
When we ignore the possible consequences of our irrational habits/actions, the natural results can be none but bad news.
Certainly eating poison is deadly (a natural consequence).
Thought provoking post DAANISH!

Ph_ said...

Well said!

Shreya said...

Sadly nice!!

tony said...

Sometimes It Is Easier To Fight The Whole World Than To Fight Oneself.

kavita said...

Thought provoking .Very well written.

Hilary said...

There is much truth to this. Words to live.. and die by.

Nasnin Nasser said...

Nice thoughts and good messages:)

tariq mian said...

I just went through my friend connect list which shows you never joined my site to follow.
I encourage you you to come aboard as we will be regularly notifying each other on the dash board.

Just a suggestion.

jo said...

Very well said. Not to fight against ourselves is possibly the one and only thing we can control :)
P.S- Are you a doctor? (Just out of curiosity)

Menachery said...

whoa you convey so much through a simple post. loved the flow of words, simply awestruck ..

crayzys said...

Daanish you wrote: In grand scheme of things that is the strongest ally one can have.That is not to fight against oneself.

Does that mean then you do not fight against yourself there is NO BATTLE?

The battle is only WITHIN?