Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"one step forward two steps backward"

He was doing better but not yet out of woods.Life had brought its ceremonial dance of recovery,one step forward two steps backward.

One day he was on fast track to recovery then next day an emerging problem was taking away all gains as he developed fever.After few days he was feeling better then he got diarrhea.His mother got concerned about her son's recovery.She was counting steps,one step forward two steps backward.His recovery was unpredictable at that time.This happens all the times in intensive care,people take time to get better.

As his condition improved and days turn into weeks,his mother was cautiously optimistic.He was then two steps forward with occasional one step backward.

Some people develop synchrony with their ceremonial dance of recovery by acceptance while in the rhythm of chaos.Others invite impatience as their dance partner only to be miserable while recovery happen beyond their understanding in an ungrateful way.

Only a few encounter one step forward two steps backward with grace.Those are the one who keep dancing while music of uncertainty is on.They are the true survivors.


Hilary said...

So much truth here. It's so difficult to not allow fears to rule us.. especially when it comes to our children.

Mishi said...

yup the last line is too true..and my recent post has a lot to relate with this..:)

Madhulika said...

Loved your concluding lines as well as the title of the post..!!

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

To not dance with uncertainty as the music, and impatience as the dance partner is a temptation hard to resist. You understanding this foundation leads me to believe that you yourself is a true survivor. (?)

If the time comes, then I hope and pray that we all have the grace and strength to keep going, inshallah.

Yet again, very well written post manshallah.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That is life. Two steps backward and a small step forward. Guess we have to trust the forward momentum...

Living in the moment gives an illusion of peace because the next moment comes and back we go.

So glad to have discovered your concise writing on serious concerns of how the mind wanders.

From a wanderer who keeps seeking a path when the chaos of life keeps hiding the path just when I think I have a grasp of what is down the path.

Best always to those who live a life of wandering seeking answers when answers are not the answer..because we are not asking the right question/s.