Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"it is important where you put your energy"

There is a lot of change in health care,always new policies and procedure.This is a norm these days.
Who make those policies on a daily basis.
People compliant about politics and make a big deal about this and that.
Patient care,communication,customer service,cost management,all intertwined in modern medicine.
Results are read as a scale number zero to ten.Nothing stays same,look at yourself.

Where are we going?
Medicine is an art and science,not a business.
It is important where you put your energy.
There is nothing wrong in politics as long as you are not caught in politics.
Be a human,treat life and death as part of a process and die well as you die once.


Mishi said...

ah who can understand this Policies and Politics better then us the pakistanis..the poor health system here owes a lot to the wrong policies and then the dirty politics..and then to make things worse they put fake medicines in the a matter of fact, we are the country without any solid health policy..and if there is any,it aint working well....wish could change it..

tariq mian said...

The problem is: the policy makers are business oriented doctors who are more of money making machines rather than paying enough attention to “treating the sick.”
Research is a good thing with positive results, yet the balanced approach is missing.
From life to death, it’s a voyage full of dangerous tides; can be conquered with sacrificing for the needy and the sick.

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

It's hard to accept, let alone treat life and death as part of life. More for others than some. And I completely agree; medicine is an art and science, not business.

Very well said, manshallah:D

Shazia Yousuf said...

Who would know better that I would, when emergency of a local hospital would act like a general ward, and would eventually result in us losing our father who was actually undergoing a cardiac failure! one to check this carelessness on part of big hospitals in good localities.

Jean said...

Very precise & brain shaking... especially not to get caught in politics of medicine.

Being caught among certain ideas is a fault of many people including myself.

Grateful for your succinct reminder.

Best to you in your process.