Sunday, July 22, 2012

" can't have a walker"

He suffered from a stroke which left him with an unsteady gait. As his life turned around towards better days, he reported to me that he is getting around, even going out to watch games.

One day on his visit I inquired about his mobility and use of a walker and wheel chair. He smiled and said, I don’t use those, I can walk, it’s just my knee. He was not willing to get help or use a walker or wheelchair. Then he walked slowly using his cane, making me afraid of him falling. I visualized him slowing everyone down when he was going to games

To some getting help or using a wheel chair is a sign of weakness. They see themselves in others eyes as frail and old, dependent and dying. It may be a matter of pride and ego..

Others take help to help themselves, By keeping pace with their surroundings, they keep the circle of life revolving by not obstructing fast-paced people around and after them.

Sometimes it is important not to get caught up in ones strength, as no one is watching our frail selves for its strength anyway. I think acceptance of ourselves, our limitations, frees us to live another day with pride of certainty.


Jean said...

The pride of certainty... a phrase that deserves much thought.

Acceptance of ourselves despite handicaps does build a sense of self...We know the man in the mirror.

tariq mian said...

This is the example of one's being in denial mode.
Some people are reluctant to accept the reality and prefer not using the facility. This is psychologically motivated thing what can u do Mr Doctor?

leo said...

Yes, It is better for us to accept our handicap but not make it a hindrance on the way of life.