Wednesday, July 4, 2012

" a fly stuck in a room "

Have you ever seen a fly stuck in a room buzzing around, hitting the walls, doors and windows, and could not find a way out. I was that fly, he declared that day.

He was suffering from a substance addiction.  All resources were available to him; a supportive family and a caring society but he was lost.

One day he told me that some days he want desperately to recover and regain what was lost due to his addiction, but he could not. He was like that fly stuck in a room, wasting all wing power hitting the walls and windows not knowing that slowing down and walking on its legs under the door is the passage to freedom. 

To go across slowly on its leg and gain freedom without fast wings was within reach and a possibility, he stressed his point.

To some it never happens, they get lost as the causality of life’s challenges;  which  blind them to look across and go around.

Others stood up to challenges of life by slowing down, and wisely using power of wings to fly or legs to walk to reach to their destinations including  the most wanted place like a drug free zone.


Anonymous said...

interesting comparison.

leo said...

Yes, very right and true. Example of fly used in, for addicts is quite natural.

Jean said...

Perhaps you could comment on those who become addicts due to opioid pain medication prescribed by a doctor for those people in central pain states.

New pain research such as done by Daniel J. Clauw at the University of Michigan shows that opioids such as vicodin are ineffective in treatment of people in central pain states.

Would you say that in the case where doctor prescribes opioids it is the doctor who shut the door for the fly to buzz about the room?