Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hall of Fame

The other day I was reading about Baseball Hall of Fame and quite impressed by how fans and nations keep their heroes alive,respected and honoured for generations to come.This holds true in this part of world for all heroes including statesmen, actors, musicians, intellectuals, scientist, generals, baseball players, basketball players, cowboys and the list goes on.

I think this is one of the greatest feature of developed civilised world.

Contrary to this,underdeveloped countries have no mechanisms to get this self booster shot of pride.

Countries like Pakistan have heroes but no mechanism to keep that politics free, merit based remembrance:Hall of Fame.

I don't know this but lets talk if you know that we have anyone of those:

Cricket Hall of Fame
Science Hall of Fame
Polo Hall of Fame
Hockey Hall of Fame
Squash Hall of Fame
Poet/Writer/Singer Hall of Fame
Great Mountain Climber Hall of Fame

We even don't have a Star Pavement in Lollywood to honour our actors and actresses.

I am not certain that as a nation we care much about our heroes,but we should,as we are very rapidly running out of heroes and as we know that the left overs belong only to the Hall of Shame !


Anonymous said...

oh we are good with using em all and then squeezingg the juices outta em and siposing em..
wonder how we do it.. but we do!!

Daanish you have been tagged.

Lunatic.... said...

I agree...

Daanish said...

Seher,my first ever tag !
Thank you!

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