Friday, December 26, 2008

"Rab Nay Bana De Jodi"

Today I saw the movie,and during one of the moments a drop of tear came out of my eyes!
I could not hide my secret,but no familiar face was there to share with or hide from!
I know this was not so macho, but it happened!

This movie is yet another LOVE STORY and who says LOVE is easy!

We all are in LOVE sometimes secretly, sometimes openly!

We all fantasize about true love,happy ending,forever together,soul mates, and match made in heaven!

We all suffer from the "First cut is the deepest", denials,walking away,pushed away, sighs, insomnia, moon gazing,stars counting,cry,tears and heart breaks!

We all become some types of either a philosopher,who know the real meaning of LIFE as such it exist (sweet,sour,bitter,salty) or a poet,whom words become a medium to promote LOVE, the ONE in which we did not succeed or a blogger with rantings!

We all believe that OUR lives are empty with a missing portion of LOVE,somewhere out there,the ONE which can complete our existence!

Person we love the most end up hurting us the most !

The whole notions of being in love,being loved and falling in love are just prism angles of a life so unknown as life on Mars!

Love has bring thousand questions and thousand answers!
The simplest one is "I LOVE YOU ?"

But the real question is this: If LOVE does hurt so much then why are we so desperate about it?

The answer may be as simple as LOVE IS NOT EASY!


Kadri said...

Love is not easy and it's not what the entertainment industry paints it out to be. It's 20 years since I met my husband and I've still not experienced love as the movies and books claims it should be, still I'm happily married and very much in love with my husband.

Anonymous said...

Love is not easy, but we truly haven't lived til we've experienced the angst and turbulence of our first love.
It's worth the hardship.
The results aren't always sweet but it's an experience you'd live through a thousand times for that explosion of emotion all over again.

That's my take on it.
I guess everyone thinks different.

Anonymous said...

love? it isnt an easy or difficult route it is just matters of the heart which nothing b ut the heart knows of perfectly.
kaam samajh k karo ge to mushkil hai, pyar samajh k karo ge to koi mushkil nahi.

being in love is more beautiful than falling in love. and i love you.. when it comes from the person you want it to come from it means everything!
and now i wil have to watch rab ne bana di jodi asap!

Mubi said...

i saw a few mins of the film and didnt really like it :p
but apart from that, about your post. it was an interesting reading..i wont say anything about is not easy but we can make life easier for ourselves and since love is a part of life, it wud become easy too?

Daanish said...

wah wahwah,
kaam samajh k karo ge to mushkil hai, pyar samajh k karo ge to koi mushkil nahi.

bohat khoob!

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