Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Jab We Met"

"Jab We Met "I liked this movie!

The movie thought came as I was driving back home in a very snowy filmy view(as in the movie) and I remembered the song "phir jenay ka maza yuen aanae laga".

I enjoyed my ride though too much traffic as these are the last few days before Christmas!

I also thought about my days spent enjoying PIDC kay paan, Cafe Students key Biryani,Camel ride at Clifton, Lahore key Gallian,Pindi ka Raja Bazaar,Islamabad ka Chuk Shazad,City's chaos, People's suffering,no law no order, just disgraced politician !

Here I am sitting in a traffic jam and I remembered seher's blog : http://2short2sweet.blogspot.com/2008/12/listing-outs-and-outs.html :"If you are ever jammed in a similar circumstance, don’t curse, just get a paper and pen and start to roll! I mean roll the list which requires your immediate attention."

So I did this ! I am stuck in a traffic jam and I am happy (no cursing) !

I counted my blessings:I am sitting in an organized traffic jam.

Every one is staying in their own lanes, no honking,no mini buses, no motorcycles,no helpless traffic constables with whitish uniforms!

Living in two worlds has its own perks but the price we pay,only people who are wrap up in these time zones know.We live in two worlds and we miss what we love !

But the real question is this :Can a traffic jam defines a city's inhabitants moral civilised values?

The answer for metropolis Karachi,Lahore and Pindi is shameful! It has definitely nothing to do with education or corruption!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. thank you for the honor Daanish.
but the link you have provided with my name is Mubi's :) guess you are doin a two in one ;)

"We live in two worlds and we miss what we love !"

A traffic Jam can speak for everything about a city and its inhabitants. with respect to the city we dwell in, we have a pathetic impression casted on ourselves and those who come in!

Daanish said...

Link correction done,thanks to mention!

Anonymous said...

itnay sad?
:) thank you.
it was just something i noticed and hence pointed!

funny how the red light and gree light have a major dictation in our life. i was just wondering the other day!

Daanish said...

Red and Green lights,surely dictate some parts of our lives!

I wrote about it in my college magazine a while ago but still it does make me wonder:
life,journey,destination !

seher,thanks for sharring your thoughts.

Mubi said...

aww i came here late :)
i love the movie too :)
hehehe, "count my blessings: i m sitting in an organized traffic jam" loved it