Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"New Year Eve"

(You can take my breath away
I can be your hero babe,
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away!
Song in the background)

(Song change to:
I will fell down on my knees,
Kiss the ground that you walk on baby
If I just hold you again)

(Crowd: cheers,
Faces,kisses,hugs all around me)

I am thinking (looking at my phone)
I called her !
But she did not called back!
Then I called her again and
Left a message!
But she did not called back.
It has been a while
But she did not called back.
I told myself:
She loves me.
She is just busy!
I am thinking (looking around)
She is every thing to me !
This is the New Year Eve,
I should call her!
But then (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,.......... New Year Count Down in back ground)
I told myself:I should wait!
She loves me.
She may be busy!

(I can hear back ground song again:
I will never gonna dance again
The way I dance, just with you )

P.S.:Lovers,feel free to interchange "she/he"according to your own love story!
Just don't loose the flame.Don't afraid to cry.This is the "New Year Eve "

(And song changed:
Listen to your heart before you tell him good bye)


Afaque said...

aah... love, hak kya yeh?? :s sari duniya ko azab mein dala hooa hay... so sick of it really... lol

where were you btw? :p

Anonymous said...

love cannot be azaab.. it washes the tezaab instead.
it is the way one has the belief.
and i belieev. i was born to love and i will die being in love.
no regrets.
great post Daanish.
it is a year to be in love again!

siras said...

Nice post! Love is painful, but without love there's NOTHING!

utp said...

call me boring but its the SAME Ol' stuff hehe...nothing new about NEW YEAR or EVE for that matter...

Daanish said...

Afaque:my reply in these words :)
"kaam samajh k karo ge to mushkil hai, pyar samajh k karo ge to koi mushkil nahi"

seher:indeed,as you wrote once:
"kaam samajh k karo ge to mushkil hai, pyar samajh k karo ge to koi mushkil nahi"
I follow it since I read it :)

siras:you know it all!well said.

utp:you wrote"boring but its the SAME Ol' stuff" not really!
I may say,same story but different characters,THATS COUNT A LOT!

Anonymous said...

I know this is the more romantic love type post, but I think my New Year went just fine in the company of my sister and mum.
We all sat on my parent's bed and chatted til we heard the first cackle of the fireworks.
Mum opened the duvet and we all snuggled in, 2009 started for us but the love won't end no matter how many years pass.
I hope you all find true love which keeps you happy for eternity.

Daanish said...

hfm:thanks for blessing,a'meen
"I hope you all find true love which keeps you happy for eternity"
:)you too! a'meen.

Mubi said...

man your posts are coming like a flood :D m trying to catch up :p

Anonymous said...

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