Thursday, January 1, 2009

"I wrote your name "

I wrote YOUR name on SAND with a big 'HEART' sign
And a giant WAVE washed the sand away!

I wrote YOUR name on ICE with a' SNOWMAN' next to it
And a strong WIND blowed the ice away!

I wrote YOUR name on a TREE with a 'TWO HEARTS' overlapping sign
And a TORNADO ripped the tree away!

I wrote YOUR name on MY heart with MY blood
And I was sure, no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name in MY dream on YOUR lips
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name on MY palm with YOUR imaginary fingers
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

I wrote YOUR name in MY book's preface
And I was sure,no one can take it away!

But, MY love, as I was writing YOUR name:
Why THINGS happen,as it does usually happen in LIFE!
And I am wondering now !
Am I holding on to something that was NEVER mine!
And Do I have to change the title of MY book to:
Total Eclipse of the Heart !


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet.
I think you should have had a stanza where you had:

I etched YOUR name in my mind,
And amnesia stole it away!


Just kidding!

Kadri said...

I somehow feel bad about admitting that your latest two blog posts makes me feel happy about where I am in life. It's so easy to feel bored about everyday life and forget how it was before we (my husband and I) met 20 years ago.

I was so desperate, so heart broken and so full of sorrow because of a man that didn't deserve my love and attention. ... I don't know how many times I've cried to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and all those other "classics" from the 80's. ... and the poor guy that had me crying on his shoulder while we where dancing to George Michael 'cus the "the careless whispers of a good friend".

Today I'm really thankful for the "old fart" that I'm married to, he's not that bad after all. =)
Though I have to admit he had to, almost, jump through burning hoops to get my attention.

I wish you the best of luck with the muse that's inspiring you to blog posts like these.

Anonymous said...

i wrote your name on my soul...
your wife took a sand paper and scraped it away!
good post Daanish!

siras said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! That's all I can say to this!

Dinky Mind said...

Oh, nice one :)

Afaque said...

yeh naam bhe likhna perta hay humein hamesha...
kya kia jaye is dil ka... its getting intolerable really... i am sick of myself.. are you?

Mubi said...

lol @ hfm's comment :p

btw nice post