Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Can dreams lie"

Yes,No,Yes,No !!

I am trying to find an excuse or it's real:"I lost you"

When, even my dreams don't support me now.
When, even in my dreams "I lost You"now.
When, even in my dreams:
"I cannot hold you, till tomorrow one more night"

I am trying to find an excuse:"Can dreams lie?"
Yes,No,Yes,No !!


Anonymous said...

dreams cannot lie.
they echo the sounds from beneath the oceans.

Abdul Sami said...

do the oceans lie?

they do not lie... they predict a future which simply does not happen !

Daanish said...

Our planet is invested with two great oceans; one visible, the other invisible; one underfoot, the other overhead; one entirely envelopes it, the other covers about two thirds of its surface.
(Matthew F. Maury (1855) The Physical Geography of the Seas and Its Meteorology)

Dream,Ocaens No Liars,Only People Lie :(

VJ Sophie said...

Well said, Sami. I never lie either. ;)I just willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation. hehe

Abdul Sami said...

lol... yea somhow that sounded so cool :D !!!

M. Umer Toor said...

Dream,Ocaens No Liars,Only People Lie

If someone lies in a dream?

siras said...

I kind of agree with M. Umer Toor, what if someone lies in a dream?!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to believe that dreams don't lie, but I think they do to stop us from hurting when we're aware of the truth.

We lie to protect ourselves whilst we're awake, who's to say we don't do the same asleep?

Anonymous said...

dreams are just dreams
you have the power to make them real... or let them just be fantasy
you decide!