Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Whole World is looking for Peace
No One give its own piece!
The Whole World is looking for Peace.


Anonymous said...

in a world where in actual 'EVRY MAN IS FOR HIMSELF... you can sit and write. you can sit and think. you can stand and speech but when it comes down to doing it... 'aaaaa do what?'

yup yup!

NaVeed said...

peace yani aman yani keh Sakoon can only be achieved when you get back to Allah, and if we see hum sub Allah say palat chukay hain tu Aman kia khaak miley ga

Mubi said...

peace.....makes me wonder

Daanish said...

seher,.......aaaaa do what?
well said!

NaVeed,Khuda nay aaj tuk aus quom kee halat nahe badli,aap jis ko apnee halat badal nay ka ahsas na ho.

Mubi,one step at a time,a drop of water can cut a rock,a time tale!
Keep the hope alive:)

Ash said...

Nice piece of peace
I guess these days people happen to be so indolent that they actually prefer to wait for others to bring the piece of peace of their share instead to strive for their own piece of peace
By arranging all pieces accordingly, we can solve well this puzzle of peace

Ash said...

Nice piece for peace*

Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece on peace.

I wish things would change from words to action SOON.

Daanish said...

Ash,you are so right :)

hfm,SOON,Inshahallah :)