Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yes,I admit.
I used to think that love is a complicated stuff.
Like, looking for a precious pearl at the bottom of an ocean.
Then things happened as it does happen in life.
Now I know,what love is:
"It's not just a butterfly kiss "
"It's not just a fairy tale"
"It's not just a two people making out"
"It's not just a pearl of desires in ashes of heartaches"

Yes,I confess.
I know now,what love is.
Love is not a complicated stuff.

This is love, when you have someone to say:
"I am here for you","It's gonna be OK","Don't be afraid",
"Hold on, jump now",'I will hold you","You won't fall",
"You are hurt,let me heal you with a kiss:here,here,here..........."

Yes,I admit.
Love is a simple stuff.


Anonymous said...

oh yes love is all simple and crazy and highly additive.
it is when i say 'oh i hate you so much' with that smile which says 'oh you caught me right'... it is insane but never ever complicated :D

VJ Sophie said...

True, Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.

Anonymous said...

oh yes a simple stuff :]

Daanish said...

Seher,thank you for your endorsement,you know this stuff,the best.

Sophie,true,love is like a light with a flame,simple and light(not heavy)

Fahd,oh yes a simpe stuff:)