Friday, January 9, 2009

"ShoeTube after YouTube"

Today Sarah called me at 3 p.m. in broad day light during working hours and asked me,hey what are you doing this evening?
I said "you know,today is my cooking day for the week".
She said, I know,I know but you know I have an emergency,I need your help!
"O' sorry! yeah,what can I do for you? I offered my help.
Sarah said with a deep sigh: "Dan,I have this huge party to attend and I don't have a matching shoe and bag".
So what is the emergency? I asked her in surprise,is this is an emergency!
She said "you don't understand,for me as a girl this is an emergency and as a friend you should help me out by going with me to mall for shopping and you can't say no to me"

So I said,only if Sam join us.She agreed and we decided to meet at the mall:Sarah,Sam and me!
I called Sam and he was available as he always is"single and available"his famous line!

At the mall,Sam set the rules and said " we will not buy at the first store,we will do a survey first" I looked at Sam and I smiled at him because I knew exactly what he meant by this suggestion and I liked that too !

Sarah probably had no clue,what we guys were up to, by just so much supportive for her shopping spree!

Any way I asked Sarah"so what is all this love about shoes and bags in women".
Why women love shoes and bags so much?

She was not interested in my question at that moment as we were entering "Coach" store and Sam was busy in his business.So I end up talking to myself,which I can share.

I have seen "Brain Diagrams" with a specific "shoe and bag centers" in woman's brain like a specific center for the "thing" all man want all the time!

No culture,region and religion seems immune from shoe and bag love,where ever women exist!

As we were doing our window shopping and entering store by store: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi,Chanel,Prada,Coach and finally Bottega Veneta,I asked the same question to Sam, as Sarah was looking for a perfect match of shoe and bag for her dress.Sam was also not interested, he was in his good Samaritan mood, helping others in decision making with a small price of a smile!

Finally Sarah shouted with a glowing face "This is perfect! what do you think guys!
I said perfect! Sam said perfect!
She smiled back and I felt not just good but very good!
We all were happy as Sarah was very happy!

Today with this shopping trip,I think I found something really important for guys!
I think if at any time in your life you are asked by your special One that how much do you love her,you may simply say that as much as she loves her shoes and bags!
Probably this is the secret of living happily thereafter!

And now on the news is an Internet site called "Shoe tube" like "You tube", where women get together and share their love for shoes!
This may also prove my point.
What do you say about women love for shoes and bags? It may be genetic!
But the real question for women is this:If you have to pick either a shoe or a bag,which one do you love more:either or probably both !


NaVeed said...

man i never thought women would be that stupid, eeeh yeah kia bat hue

Abdul Sami said...

were they really perfect or did u just say perfect coz yuo wanted to agree with her ???

Riya said...

hey.. Very rightly said.. Bags and shoes are what girls love the most.. Shopping really is something which brings smile to us.. We love shopping.

Anonymous said...

Omygosh, i can't choose!
Personally, i prefer bags more since they're a whole lot more handy and I already have a ton of shoes.

I dunno {bites nails} hmm.

I'm sorta intrigued by men who go shopping, I always see men looking bored or helpless when they're out shopping with their other half, I guess your tactic sounds pretty great and sorta sly!

Calm Cool said...

Lol at the kind of emergency u faced :P
I pick shoe. Love to have different kinds infact i notice shoes first in anyone's dressing style.

Anonymous said...

ohh and shopping's great as long as you have MONEY

Anonymous said...


-The average woman owns 111 handbags in her life time, worth more than $3000
-Women spend an average of $25 on a single bag-
-The Average woman aged 30 owns 21 handbags and buys a new one every three months.

how is that?
and to top that every bag will have a matching shoe.
Average spending in a lifetime $10,000. Two pairs every month :D

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Oh my... I am having a gigglefest here at the mere thought of new shoes and bags. They make me so happy!

I think I need to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

So that's where the eternal answer to women's mysterious brain lies...

thanks for opening the Pandora's Box :)

nice read :P

Nikki. said...

Ahhhh imagine an un-matching pair of bag and shoes. That looks hideous. Taking a black bag with a brown shoe just think on it guys that will look bad if in any case u notice :P But heck shopping with friends is another benefit some of them might help and some of them might just keep ur heart and get away asap :P

Onthewingsofadream said...

I guess its just a girl thing ....
I love them both .. have 15+ bags and 45+ shoes in my wardrobe now ..and am working women with average salary and no savings ...

and my friends are all the same ... we dont bother if someone is breaking up or livin in ... we do care when we miss that shade of bag in the sale ...:-)

But somehow if we women can understand that why you guys have to religiously go to gym , spend money on another game console , watch reruns of matches , spend on
bike/ car accessories .... why cant u even try to understand shoes n bags theory ..:-)

thanks for visiting my blog ...hope to see ya around

Afaque said...
wow what a brain to get noticed... hahaha

YouTee said...

good observation and i totally agree with Preeti that y we just point girl for craze about shoes and bags , we are also craze about stuff that she mentioned..

-- YouTee

VJ Sophie said...

Yup, Women loves shopping,

“Carrie: Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?

Samantha: I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.”

& If men liked shopping, they'd call it research. hehe

For me, "If I like it, I’ll buy it; pure impulse shopping.”

jingoist said...

Thats true that boys like to have cars, different accessories, bikes etc...

but tell me one thing do we buy different cars of different colors to match the dress of the day.. lol ?

Wendy said...

Okay, I must be a really weird girl because I don't care about shoes or bags. Most of the time I don't even wear shoes, even at work. And I wear jeans a lot so I just carry stuff in my pockets.

Think how much money I'm saving!

Abdul Sami said...

wendy's my typa woman :D