Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"No advertisement"

I said:
"I am hurt."
"It's my pain."
"I will suffer with it."
"No advertisement.No display"

I wrote in my book's preface!


Anonymous said...

i like your sharpness.
very to the point and makes a loud impact.
better than an advertisment!

Umer Toor said...

look i'm very dim-witted. so. if you shouldn't laugh if i ask you, have you written a book?

YH said...

Wow! As regards to Umer's comment, have you written a book yet?

Daanish said...

seher,thanks!am just a man of few words.You are brilliant to make meaning out of those :)

Umer,answer is YES !

YH,answer is YES!

M. Umer Toor said...

Thanks. And. Please elaborate your statements :)

Daanish said...

Umer,that was my full statement:)

M. Umer Toor said...

Nay. What's your book's title and subject?

VJ Sophie said...


Anonymous said...

You're cryptic beyond words now.

Daanish said...

Umer,title LIFE;subject PEOPLE.

VJ Sophie,Aaha!
shortest compliment:)

hfm,thanks for compliment:)