Sunday, January 18, 2009


"Yes,I am renting"
I said,"pets are allowed"
"I love K-9"
"I am not scared of K-9"
"It's OK to have K-9"
"Just,NO human K-9,please !! "


Calm Cool said...

Oh, i miss it, i miss it, i missed all of them :$
my browser was not showing ur recent posts after shoetube utube one, and today when they appeared to me, i found that i've missed a really good stuff to read and appreciate :(
anyways, ur to the point poetic way is awesome and specially the kind of Observation u have... thumbs up :)

Calm Cool said...

hmmm btw what is K-9?
sorry if it is silly question, but i really don't know :$

Daanish said...

canine :)

Abdul Sami said...

very very clever !

YouTee said...

nice description and sense of observation the situation