Saturday, January 31, 2009

"a tattoo and a body piercing"

"Its time to have a tattoo and a body piercing"
She said and I agreed.

She was not so hip,I was not so hip.
But we were hip at heart,we were in love hip-hop !!

She got her nose pierced,I loved it,I loved it.
I got a tattoo with her name, she loved it,she loved it.

Her 'Toffee nosy" looked so Desi,though she said "No', she said 'No'.
My 'Tattoo there' looked like a hickey,though I said 'No', I said 'No'.

Then things happened as it does happen in life:
"I am left with a tattoo of her name on me"
"I feel like her rubber stamp for life"


Komal said...

aww! Seems to happen a lot in this generation :(

Anonymous said...

scarred for life?

Anonymous said...

heheh...rubber stamp for sure...and pierced nose...

I think both are reversible stuff so dont sweat too much...u can go back in time if required...

siras said...

Ah, time happens and leaves you only these rubber stamps!

Kadri said...

Oh dear ... reminds me of my friend and me begging her not to tattoo her online boyfriends name on her bum when he asked her to do it... she did it and he dumped her. *ouch*

Anonymous said...