Monday, January 5, 2009

"Mind Your Language"

MIND YOUR LANGUAGE,always told by mama and papa,so I always watched my language.
Though I confess that I did try to say "some" words in the comfort of privacy just to have a feel, but never in public.Even then a voice came upon me:"Words are like food,you might end up eating them someday.Make them sweet"

Then I was tested,as the saying goes:"The dark night comes when we are most content"
I failed the test.I said,and I said what I was told,no to say.
MIND YOUR LANGUAGE,I forgot in that brief moment of amnesia !
I said hurtful words !
I forgot in that brief moment of amnesia !

Sins of bodies hurt bodies but sins of tongue hurt soul.
Wounds of bodies might heal with time but wounds of soul might not heal forever.
That's why our tongue is caged by 32 sharp teeth.Like a WARNING:Be careful.

This is my daily resolution: "MIND YOUR LANGUAGE"
Can you make it yours too !

The saying goes:"Each day take down one boundary between you and the Devine"


Abdul Sami said...

sins of the tongue might even feed the soul... lol !

now b4 this is taken as some taboo speech... its simple... somtimes standin out and up even though it is wrong ends up in the right results... !

Daanish said...

Sami,you have a point,but I will stay with my point :)