Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"She forgot,He forgot"

She was an educated and talented artist.
He was an educated and talented artist.

She was unhappy with her life.
He was unhappy with his life.

She was complaining about her life.
He was complaining about his life.

"I feel so empty"
"I am so full of creative juices but"
"I did not accomplish anything yet"
"I did not put my mark in this world yet"

She forgot that she was a mother.She had a daughter!
He forgot that he was a father.He had a son!


Anonymous said...

and all we do is whine!

Abdul Sami said...

and all we do is whine..
but oh i so so wanna make u mine
be mine be mine be mine...
lemme be ur sunshine...
while i serve strawberries n wine...
its funny how all these words rhyme
i can even fit in nine...
oh whine pine mine nine
but did i jus cross the line...

lol... sorry dude... cudn help moiself D: !!!

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks for your flattering comments of Lahore Daily.

Daanish said...

seher,right! we do whine and forget about our blessings,like being a mom or dad is one of the greatest creativity: birth of a miracle!
I just wanted to make a point in simple words :)

sami,wah wah wah:)
what a flow,what a rhythm!
Keep running your engine :)

D.R. you deserve it.

Onthewingsofadream said...

good one again !!

i like your style of writing ...
I wont blame them about companing ..its so challenging to have kids ...toughest job on earth ...:-)