Sunday, January 4, 2009

"It can't be Sam"

I was about to propose you !
I know you were expecting this for the longest !

I was ready,you were ready.
I was in love,you were in love.

Then it happened,as it does happen in LIFE.

Stock market crashed, so does our love !!

No bail out for 'change of heart' !

No one to blame.
No one to blame.

It was love !
It can't be Sam !


Anonymous said...

it cant be sam ??? :$ me sad now!

Daanish said...

I meant Sam=Uncle Sam !
Not The Sam :) as I know from your writings deeply,madly,cudly Sam :)
Cheers up!

YouTee said...


I promise i never lose you.
I promise i never forget you.
But i can’t promise to be with you!

Life never returns my tears
Time never catch me again
But I’ll change my will!

Shadow of yours can’t be seen
Our golden moments may be dream
But you still light of my life!

Soon we meet under the shade of smiles
I will quite my self as much I can
But I promise we’ll friends till closing stages

this is from me ;)

Dinky Mind said... saddening :P

Daanish said...

YouTee:Thanks for sharring this beautiful thought of yours.Keep up with your artistic jewel.

Dinky Mind:I like your way of expressing saddess :)

Abdul Sami said...

i am deeply offended =P

YouTee said...

Thanks Daanish

well , m also poet of my time but left just because of tied schedule of studies n stuff

Daanish said...

Sami,sorry I did not mean that :)
Now the famous line:its me,not you!
I meant sam,the uncle sam!

Abdul Sami said...

gah !

this is the first time a guy has said that to me... lol !

Nikki. said...

hahaha love and stock market nice combo ;)

Daanish said...

Sami:take it easy,lol

Nikki:thanks for understanding the post :)

Mubi said...

lol, enjoyed the comments :p

lol, i didnt guess that you meant sam as in Uncle sam :$

Abdul Sami said...

u guessed it right mubi.. its an organized scandalous plot against me :( !!!

Kamran said...

lolz that was nice!! =)

Mubi said...

lol :@ sami